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Alzheimer – is a disease that robs people of their memory.

Arthritis – Common arthritis symptoms of pain and stiffness are usually caused by degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis).

Aspiration – act of inhaling

Asthma – Asthma symptoms, which include coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness, are common in an asthma attack.


Back Pain – Lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain or low back pain with sciatica.

Brain Cancer – A wide variety of symptoms including seizures, sleepiness, confusion, and behavioral changes.

Bladder Cancer – Painless blood in the urine or frequent and painful urination.


Cataracts – Are cloudy areas in the lens of the eye that can cause changes in vision.

Chalazion – If you wake up one morning and notice a small swelling or lump on your eyelid, don’t worry too much. It may just be due to a blocked gland.

Chamomile – a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and settle stomachs.

Colorectal Cancer – Colon cancer and cancer of the rectum can begin as a small polyp, detectable through regular cancer screening, such as colonoscopy.

Croup – Is a condition that irritates your baby’s upper airways and causes them to swell.


Dandruff – Those dry, white flakes of skin you brush off your collar or shoulders — is harmless.

Dehydration – Happens when your body doesn’t have as much water as it needs.

Dengue Fever – (pronounced DENgee) fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses.


Ear Infections – Occur when a cold, throat infection, or allergy attack causes fluid to become trapped in the middle ear.

EB – Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare genetic condition that makes skin so fragile that it can tear or blister at the slightest touch.

Endometriosis – Is the development of uterine-lining tissue outside the uterus.


Fabry Disease – Runs in families. It can have lots of different symptoms, including pain in the hands and feet and a specific kind of rash.

Fainting – Is a sudden, brief loss of consciousness and posture caused by decreased blood flow to the brain.

Fractures – medical term for a broken bone.

Flu (Influenza) – The common cold, including chest cold and head cold, and seasonal flu are caused by viruses.

Frostbite – refers to the freezing of body tissue (usually skin) that results when the blood vessels contract, reducing blood flow and oxygen to the affected body parts.


Gastric Ulcer – Open sores in the lining of your stomach or the upper part of the small intestine.

Glaucoma – Is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time.

Goiters – One of several types of growths in the thyroid gland, located at the base of the front side of the neck just below the Adam’s apple.


Hair Loss – alopecia, is a concern for men, women, and children. Treatments for hair loss include medications such as Propecia and Rogaine, hair replacements, and hair restoration.

Hammertoes- A hammertoe occurs from a muscle and ligament imbalance around the toe joint which causes the middle joint of the toe to bend and become stuck in this position.

Headache – Migraine and other types of headaches, such as tension headache and sinus headache, are painful.

Heart Failure – Heart failure can be caused by coronary artery disease, heart attack, cardiomyopathy, and high blood pressure.

Hepatitis – Viral hepatitis, including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, are a group of distinct diseases that affect the liver.

HIV – Human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is the virus that causes AIDS.


Ichthyosis – Many things can leave your skin dry and flaky, from cold air to the chlorine in swimming pools.

Impetigo – It’s a skin infection caused by a bacteria, and it spreads easily

Infertility – Causes of infertility or reproductive problems include disease and aging.


Jakob’s Disease – Is a very rare disorder that causes the brain to break down.

Jock Itch – It’s a type of infection called a tinea infection (in the case of jock itch, tinea cruris), and it’s caused by a fungus.

Juvenile Diabetes – Type 1 diabetes happens when your immune system destroys cells in your pancreas called beta cells.

Juvenile Retinoschisis – Also called X-linked retinoschisis, juvenile retinoschisis is a kind of juvenile macular degeneration that mostly affects young males.


Knee Pain – Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis.

Kidney Stones – Are small “pebbles” of salt and mineral in the urine.

Kernicterus – Is a rare kind of preventable brain damage that can happen in newborns with jaundice


Lab Results – The process and all those medical terms and numbers can be confusing.

Lactose Intolerance – Can’t digest a certain sugar in milk and milk products called lactose.

LAM- Is a rare lung disease that tends to affect women of childbearing age.

Low Blood Pressure – Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure.

Lupus – An autoimmune disease

Lymphoma – Refers to a malignancy of the lymphatic system.


Macular Degeneration – Also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD.

Melanoma Skin Cancer – Skin cancers include melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell.

Migraines Headaches – other types of headaches, such as tension headache and sinus headache, are painful.


Nausea – Is an uneasiness of the stomach that often comes before vomiting.

Necrotizing fasciitis – Is a rare infection that’s often described in media reports as a condition involving “flesh-eating bacteria.”

Nocardiosis – Is a disease caused by bacteria found in soil or standing water.

NPS – Nail-patella syndrome.


Oral Health – Good dental or oral care is important to maintaining healthy teeth, gums and tongue.

Osteoporosis – Or thinning bones, can result in painful fractures.

Ovarian Cancer – Ovarian cancer warning signs include ongoing pain or cramps in the belly or back, abnormal vaginal bleeding, nausea, and bloating.


Parkinson’s – Disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine.

Postpartum Depression – Occurs in women soon after giving birth.

Psoriasis – Is a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system.



Rabies – Is a virus that attacks the central nervous system.

Radiation Sickness- Happens when a large dose of high-energy radiation goes through your body and reaches your internal organs.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Happens when your body’s defenses – your immune system – targets your joint linings.


SAM-e – Is a compound that’s made naturally in the body and plays an important role in normal bodily function.

Scarlet Fever – Does your child have a bright red rash that looks and feels like sandpaper? It could be scarlet fever.

Schizophrenia – Symptoms include distorted thoughts, hallucinations, and feelings of fright and paranoia.

Shingles – Or herpes zoster, is a viral infection caused by the chickenpox virus.


Thrush- If you notice a strange white rash inside your mouth, you may have a condition called thrush.

Tonsillitis – Are two masses of lymphatic (immune system) tissue located at the back of the throat.

Torticollis – Is a problem involving the muscles of the neck that causes the head to tilt down.


UCDs – Urea cycle disorders (UCDs) are a group of diseases. They make it hard for your child’s body to remove waste products as he digests proteins.

Ulcerative Colitis – Is type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes sores in the colon.

Uveitis – Is a broad term for many problems with your eye.


Vascular Dementia – Also known as multi-infarct dementia is the second most common cause of dementia in older people.

Vitiligo – is a condition in which white patches develop on the skin.

Vulvar Cancer – Happens when malignant (cancerous) cells form in the vulva. It’s rare.


Whiplash – Also called neck sprain.

Williams Syndrome – Is a rare genetic disorder that causes a variety of symptoms and learning issues.

Wolf Syndrome – It can be very hard to learn that your child has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, also known as 4p- syndrome.



Yeast Infections – They’re itchy and uncomfortable, and no one really likes to talk about them.

Yellow Fever – Is a viral infection transmitted by a bite from infected mosquitoes

Yoga – Is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength.


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