Internal Medicine is the term referred to a hospital’s specialty which deals with the prevention and diagnosis of the diseases in the adults. This specialty deals with the problems, disorders and diseases of the internal organs of human beings except the reproductive and neurological organs and problems. The physician who specializes in this field is called an internal medicine doctor or internal specialist doctor. Internist medical doctor is the third term used to refer to the physician who provides services related to treatment of diseases through medicines without involve surgical treatment.

Why it is Important?

It is a very important specialty in the field of medical and health care. As it deals with the diagnosis of the diseases, and the treatment through medicines. Right diagnosis at the right time. Along with the right medicines given to the patients can prevent them from complications and prolongation of diseases. The internal medicine doctors are responsible for making the decision of which medicines to be given to the patient for the eradication and cure of the disease.

What’s the reason?

One of the reasons which make internal medicine doctors’ roles more significant. Is that the diseases and disorders of the internal organs often prove to be silent killers. Because, it is observed that patients come to the internal medicine doctors so late that the organs have either failed or are about to collapse. There are many problems which do not have apparent symptoms. This is where it becomes a responsibility of the patients as well to take care of themselves and try make regular checkups to avoid any chances of such fatal complications. On part of the internist medical doctor. Once a patient comes to him, he/she should run a proper checkup on the patient. Therefore by taking appropriate measures and all necessary points must be covered while diagnosing the disease.


At Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, the department of Internal medicine is comprised of a team of Internal Medicine Doctors. Which are fully equipped with all the technical and professional knowledge plus experience. To make sure that the patients’ symptoms and problems are ever overlooked. They assured that the internal medicine problems of the patients are timely diagnosed through medicines in order to avoid complications. Our internal medicine doctors know the ins and outs of the symptoms and the complications. Which can be associated with the patients who might be suffering from any disease of the internal organs.

Cause and Effect

One of the most dangerous and silent internal diseases is osteoporosis which becomes a challenge for internal medicine doctors. It is a disease in which the patient’s bones are weakened quicker than they are replaced. Hence resulting in fractures of different kinds. The expert internal medical doctors provide adequate treatment through medicines to treat the patients with osteoporosis in the best possible way.

We at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital make sure that no disease can dodge our professional and experienced internal medicine doctors. Because this is what we promise and this is what we are here for. Come and visit us for a thorough routine check up to make sure you remain healthy, because it is you we care for!

Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine

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