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Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Dubai is COVID FREE Hospital

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Dubai is COVID FREE Hospital


Dr Sulaiman AL Habib Hospital is now no longer admitting Covid-19 patients, Whilst the stringent safety precautions in place at the hospital mean that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 between patients is extremely minimal, as an advanced tertiary level facility providing care for particularly vulnerable patients. Patients can visit hospital with complete peace of mind.

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has issued a certificate of satisfactory completion of Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital conversion to a non-Covid-19 “clean” facility to allow continuity of care for patients with non-Covid conditions.

The number of patients coming to the hospital has increased when compared to the peak pandemic times. With this, it is evident that people are confident and trust the healthcare system in the UAE.

During the Pandemic times the hospital has treated around 1700 covid patients with success rate of 99.6 percentage. The success story of a patient which recovered completely after 80 days in ICU was covered by most of the medias also several acute patients including kids were treated in the hospital who successfully recovered.

Patients with symptoms will be triaged, isolated and immediately transferred to other units. The emergency department has two separate pathways, one for patients with respiratory symptoms and a second for trauma and other emergency cases

Strict precautions are in place throughout the hospital including spacing of appointments to allow for consultation room sanitization. Social distancing measures are in place in all areas including waiting rooms and elevators. Temperature checks are conducted at points of entrance for all staff, patients and visitors. Besides, hand sanitiser will be available at every point of the hospital, and all staff and patients will have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). After the discharge of the covid patients all the areas are well sanitized and fumigated to ensure the safety of new coming patients

Maintaining the COVID-free status required staff to be extra vigilant and put in extra-safety measures across the facilities. All the patient requiring surgery has to undergo mandatory covid testing and with a negative report will be admitted in the hospital.

The management of the hospital thanked all the staff in a ceremony held at the hospital and honors were given to them who were in the forefront in the battle against covid and with their hard work and effort now made it covid free. Followed by a photo exhibition of the front line Heros which was highly appreciated

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